Peli Storm iM2620


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508 x 355 x 254mm // The Peli Storm Case is an injection-moulded case. Peli Storm Cases utilize a new HPX® high performance resin. This protective shell protects beyond various competitor materials and has shown that during internal testing the impact resistance of Storm Case HPX® resin outperforms the competition.
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The Peli Storm iM2620 is a tough, durable, lightweight and watertight case. Made from unbreakable HPX high performance resin, Peli storm is the most solid protective case in the industry.

This model features Hardigg's unique press and pull latches which hold the case firm when under pressure. Each iM2620 features a Vortex pressure release valve which will automatically adjust the air pressure whilst keeping out water or dust. Also available is a manual relief valve which can be attached to your case which will ensure absolutely nothing will get inside the case until you open it.

Features lightweight, telescoping handles that lock in place plus durable rugged wheels for transporting.

Also included is a soft grip, higly durable handle with rigid cores, which makes a storm case extremely comfortable to hold whilst at the same time protecting your valuable equipment.

Unbreakable moulded-in hasps are included allowing for external locks to provide extra security. The case can be bought empty, with layered cubed pick and pluck foam, with a padded divider set, lid organiser or panel mounting kit.

The Storm iM2620 carries a lifetime guarantee.

Length 508mm
Width 355mm
Depth 254mm
Lid 51mm
Base 203mm

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