Shock Mounted 19" Server Rack Flight Cases

Shock Absorbing Rack Flightcases to house Electronic Industries Association EIA-310 standard 19 inch rack servers, PCs and broadcasting equipment featuring a steel sub-frame suspended with 8 anti-vibration rubber mounts.

The “Ultimate” in protection comes from our shock mounted 19 inch rack case range. Flight Cases to house industry standard servers, PCs and broadcast 19" rack mounted equipment - made from Birch plywood faced with a high pressure laminate/Thermoplas coating available in many colours or black phenolic GRP finish otherwise known as Hexaboard. Hardware includes steel ball corners, recessed padlocking butterfly catches, 100mm swivel castors and steel flip handles with rubber grips. Label dishes and air vents can be added at extra cost.

Our Shock Mounted 19" Rack Flight Cases are an essential solution for transporting delicate equipment.

Also featuring a floating powder coated steel sub-frame allowing complete air circulation, with punched double rack rails fitted front and rear, suspended with 8 rubber Anti-Vibration units which can safely support and transport up to 400kg in weight. Further to the AV units, plastazote foam buffers are fitted to ensure that "grounding" of the subframe never occurs during instances of sharp shock. Cases come fitted with front and rear removable doors as standard. 

Standard design cases of unit height 6 and over include swivel castors with 100mm blue resilex wheels (2 braked). These are mounted on 18mm Birch Ply wheelie boards. Castors can be mounted on the rear of the case at an extra cost of £40.00 to cover the cost of extra handles. All cases come supplied with 2 sets of fixings for every unit size. (i.e. 12 screws, 12 cup washers and 12 cage nuts for 6 unit case). Extra fixings are available at an extra cost if required.

Sub frames are available from 2u to 24u in height and depths of 362mm - 807mm in ten different standard sizes (see drawings for details). These are normally mounted 50mm off front and rear edges of case as standard, adding approximately 100mm to overall depth of case sleeve. Shock mounts are available with bearing loads of 50kg, 90kg & 200kg per set of 8. We can also double up on 200kg shockmounts giving a bearing load of 400kgs. This adds £35.00 to the price of the case. Please state preference when placing order. Taller and deeper cases can be made by special arrangement.

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We highly recommend using a pair of R8840 support shelves for each piece of equipment that is being installed. These attach to the front and rear rails and help distribute the weight of the equipment. 

These standard design flight cases are manufactured in compliance with the Air Transport Association ATA-300 regulations and the Electronic Industries Association EIA-310-D standard.

Logos can be silk screen printed to the panels to add a corporate or personal identity.

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Prices are based on our standard designs and are exclusive of delivery and VAT. 


These prices are exclusive of VAT and carriage.
    362mm/407/462/507/562 Sub-frame 362mm/407/462/507/562  Sub-frame 607mm/662/707/762/807  Sub-frame 607mm/662/707/762/807  Sub-frame
Reference Unit Height Black Hexaboard Coloured Laminate Black Hexaboard Coloured Laminate
F192USM 2 £534.00 £586.00 £554.00 £609.00
F193USM 3 £543.00 £597.00 £565.00 £621.00
F194USM 4 £553.00 £608.00 £573.00 £630.00
F196USM 6 £623.00 £686.00 £676.00 £744.00
F198USM 8 £683.00 £751.00 £710.00 £781.00
F1910USM 10 £735.00 £810.00 £765.00 £840.00
F1912USM 12 £755.00 £829.00 £784.00 £863.00
F1914USM 14 £792.00 £910.00 £823.00 £905.00
F1916USM 16 £812.00 £893.00 £843.00 £929.00
F1918USM 18 £832.00 £915.00 £866.00 £954.00
F1920USM 20 £853.00 £937.00 £886.00 £974.00
F1922USM 22 £885.00 £962.00 £909.00 £1,000.00
F1924USM 24 £913.00 £1,004.00 £949.00 £1,044.00

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