Peli Storm iM2050


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Desiccant Gel
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241 x 190 x 108mm // The Peli Storm Case is an injection-moulded case. Peli Storm Cases utilize a new HPX® high performance resin. This protective shell protects beyond various competitor materials and has shown that during internal testing the impact resistance of Storm Case HPX® resin outperforms the competition.
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The Press & Pull latch designed for the Peli Storm Case is very different and very easy to use. It is mechanical in nature and allows for a strong, snap fit, and an easy release at the press of a button.

The Vortex® Valve is an automatic pressure relief valve that regulates air with changing altitude and temperature, while keeping water out. Storm Case pressure equalization vents (Vortex® valves) are the result of a unique moulded housing and a special "Gortex" gas-permeable micro-porous membrane that can repel liquids and micro-particles while allowing gas (air) molecules to pass right through the membrane. Liquids, dust and dirt particles are repelled while pressure differentials are automatically equalized by the exchange of air through the membrane. The self-regulating Vortex® valve is completely automatic, as there are no buttons to push or moving valve parts.

The Peli Storm Case handle has a comfort grip. We utilize an over-moulding process that places a softer, durable cushioning layer on top of an ultra-stiff, ultra-strong core to provide a soft comfortable grip without compromising strength.

The Peli Storm Case comes with a warranty for life against defects in workmanship and breakage under normal use conditions. The cases are guaranteed to be watertight. Please see the full Peli Storm Case Lifetime Warranty for complete details, which is included with each case.

The Peli Storm iM2050 case meets airline carry-on regulations by fitting under seats and in overhead compartments.
Moulded-in stacking ribs provide no-slip stability for multiple case stacking during storage or transport.


•                       Two Press & Pull Latches

•                       Double-layered, Soft-grip Handle

•                       Two Pad lockable Hasps

•                       Vortex® Valve

•                       Flush Powerful Hinges

•                       Meets Carry-on Regulations

•                       Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin

•                       Watertight

•                      Guarantee of Excellence

Unconditional Guarantee of Excellence: This is the strongest guarantee that a manufacturer can offer. All Peli Storm Cases are forever guaranteed.
Due to specific European regulations, Peli is not allowed to offer a "lifetime" guarantee. However, in an effort to legally remain in that spirit, we are proud to say that Peli Storm Cases are Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Length 241mm
Width 190mm
Depth 108mm
Lid 38mm
Base 70mm

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