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Peli 1506 cable TSA lock  
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-Designed to fit any PELI Case
-Special TSA accepted lock
-TSA personnel can safely lock and unlock
-You can choose from a thousand combinations
-Resettable 3 dial combination

The Professional Standard for the Professional Traveller, fits all Peli Luggage. Peli 1506 TSA Peli lock has a hardened zinc construction and a hardened steel cable which makes for an extremely tough, heavy duty, secure lock.

Check your Peli case & other luggage into the airport with confidence. The 3 tumbler combination allows you to set your own personal combination, for easy recall. The Peli TSA Lock won't let you down even in the toughest situation.

In conjunction with Travel Sentry, a system recognized and accepted by the TSA, the new TSA re-settable combination lock was designed with a security feature that allows TSA agents, using a secured access device, the ability to open the TSA lock without destroying the lock.

With the introduction of TSA Security Alert luggage locks, travelers can once again feel confident their personal property is protected, and at the same time feel confident they will not be unwilling participants in an illegal activity as a carrier of illicit goods.

TSA lock's re-settable combination locks not only secure luggage, they act as sophisticated security seals as well.

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